Kids’ Puppet Show Curtain

I am all about- what can you make with 1 yard, 1 skein, etc. And so in a pinch for a gift I used one yard of fun fabric to make a doorway puppet show curtain.


With a $4 tension rod and 1 yard of fabric we have already had hours of fun around our house playing with puppets and stuffed animals, having musical concerts, and using as a special door into my son’s room with a “doorbell” you have to ring.


Two of the sides of fabric didn’t even need hemming because they were the finished edge off the bolt and the other 2 ends I serged and turned over and hemmed across to make a casing for the rod. I have specialized curtains too by “monogramming” with a large felt letter sewn on and sequin ribbon stripe near the top, to make it more girly. There is so much you could do to personalize this to your child’s taste, like the different fabrics shown that I have used. And with it less that 3 feet tall it is perfect for a toddler to stand behind or an adult to sit behind.


I love a 10 minute project that can really spark his imagination and turn our ordinary hallway into a fun place!

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