Fair Display

I’m participating in our local street fair this weekend and am playing around with some display ideas. What do you think about these:

To show off the earrings, I’m using cheapo champagne glasses filled with glass chips from the dollar store. They are positioned on a bed tray covered with a velvet remnant. I tried to follow the rainbow spectrum (Roy G. Biv) in lining up the earrings. The height of the bed tray lifts the display a little closer to the customer.

For this display I painted clothes pins and their holders, slipped the rings over these newly fashioned “ring holders,” added a doily, and lined them all up on a cake stand. I’m planning on putting little stickers with the ring size on the bottom of the pins. Not quite sure what Plan B will be if it’s a really windy day. Maybe I should bring a little basket with me in case the wind decides to bowl over the pins.

Speaking of baskets, this colander holds to-go-shopping bags. In their rolled up state, these bags reminded me of owls, which in turn made me think of nests, causing me to rustle around my house for something nest shaped to hold the bags.

Yes, dumpster diving is a worthwhile activity. This display is a record player stand I found on the street. The larger bags can be suspended with S-hooks and the LP holder section supports smaller bags.

How do you like to display your wares?

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