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How Widget Builder Works

Write the

Follow this documentation and write the code yourself, or hire an agency that can do it for you.

Build the

Create content & design editors that function exactly as they do in all native Duda widgets.

Preview &

Make sure everything is just right, and then publish for you, your staff, or staff and customers.

Samples of Widgets
You Can Build
Designed Testimonial
Boost the power of positive reviews by showing recommendations that include both images and text.
Impress site visitors who like facts and figures by showing company data and stats in stunning visuals.
Instagram Gallery
Breathe vitality into your website and ensure that content is timely by displaying a live Instagram feed.
Create a sense of urgency on your sites by displaying a clock that counts down until an offer is over.
Image Effects
Draw even more attention to site images by emphasizing them with cool and exciting effects.
Increase the usefulness of your site and give visitors more reasons to return by adding a handy weather widget.
Increase Site Capabilities

Increase Site Capabilities

Integrate with third-party services to expand your site capabilities. Build customized widgets that look and function like all other widgets in the platform, and include all the functionality that you want. For example, add an Instagram feed, outsource calendar, real estate listing, and more.

Increase Site Capabilities

Expand Design Possibilities

Simplify your design processes with design-based widgets that your team can use in multiple websites. Save time and expand your offerings with widgets that look and function like all other platform widgets. For example, build a designed testimonial, FAQ accordion, and more.

Increase Site Capabilities