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Here you can find an exhaustive list of everything our platform can do.

  • Google PageSpeed Optimization

    All Duda websites are automatically optimized for Google PageSpeed upon publishing and republishing.

  • Global CDN

    Load times are significantly reduced thanks to Duda’s global CDN (Content Delivery Network), which hosts all static files (such as images, pdfs, and docs).

  • Local Business Schema

    Increase site discoverability with Local Business Schema, which provides search engines with reliable, structured information about a site’s business.

  • IndexNow

    Duda sites support IndexNow, a protocol which enables websites to submit updated content directly to search engines and have that content immediately crawled.

  • Free SSL

    SSL certificates are included with every Duda responsive website, and can be installed in just one click to improve your websites’ SEO rankings.

  • Dynamic Serving

    Your website automatically responds to the type of device (desktop, tablet or mobile) it is being viewed on and content is optimized accordingly to speed up load times.

  • Robots.txt

    Automatically included, robots.txt informs search engines which pages should and should not be indexed by search engines.

  • Sitemap

    A sitemap is automatically generated for each site, and informs search engines which pages they should crawl.

  • Open Graph Support

    Share a website image, title and description with social networks including Facebook and LinkedIn using Open Graph.

  • Vary: user-agent

    Vary: user-agent informs search engines that users will receive different content depending on their device type.

  • Page Titles

    Control the title of each page for optimal search engine visibility.

  • Meta Keywords & Descriptions

    Control the keywords and descriptions for an entire site, and for every page individually.

  • Customizable Page URLs

    Customize the URL of any page on a site to improve search engine visibility and inform visitors of what page they are on.

  • Alt and Description Tags on Images

    Improve the ability of search engines to discover images on a website through tags.

  • 301 Redirects

    Help maintain strong SEO when switching from an old site to a new one by redirecting an old page URL to the new one.

  • Mobile-Friendly Design

    All images are automatically optimized so they meet (and exceed) Google standards for mobile-friendliness.