01 Sep 2021

Web building platform Duda snaps up e-commerce cart tool Snipcart

Duda announced that it acquired Canada-based Snipcart, a startup that enables businesses to add a shopping cart to their websites.



16 Jun 2021

Duda Raises $50M To Help SaaS Firms Build Improved Websites

The professional website builder Duda has announced that it has raised $50m in Series D financing to grow its business further.


Cheddar Business

15 Jun 2021

B2B Website Building Tool Duda Raises $50 Million

Website building platform Duda has raised $50 million. Itai Sadan, Co-Founder & CEO of Duda, joined Cheddar live on Cheddar Business News to discuss.



15 Jun 2021

Duda, a WordPress Rival, Raises $50M to Help Agencies and SaaS Companies Build Better Websites

Today Duda, the professional website builder platform, is announcing a round of growth funding of $50 million to expand its business. This is a Series D, and it’s being led by Claridge IL with past investors Susquehanna Growth Equity and Vintage Investment Partners also participating. Duda has now raised $100 million. This latest round is Duda’s biggest funding round to date.


Authority Magazine

07 Jun 2021

Itai Sadan of Duda: Five Things You Need To Create A Highly Successful Startup

In this series, called “Five Things You Need To Create A Highly Successful Startup” Authority Magazine talks to successful founders and business leaders who can share stories from their experience about what it takes to create a highly successful startup.



27 Apr 2021

How Web Developers Can Optimize For Google’s Core Web Vitals

It’s been nearly one year since Google announced three new user experience metrics that will be part of its core ranking algorithm. These new metrics -- known as the Core Web Vitals -- will go into effect starting in June 2021. As a web developer, you now have a strong incentive to improve the overall experience you’re delivering on client websites. Sites that meet—or exceed—these metrics will gain a benefit over competitors in search rankings.


Hacker Noon

11 May 2021

8 Ways to Improve the CLS Score in Google’s Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals is the set of website user experience metrics — and soon-to-be ranking factor — released by Google last year. These new metrics evaluate what Google calls “page experience” and provide a score accordingly.... Some website builder platforms will do a lot of the heavy lifting required to improve CLS for you by automatically performing a number of optimizations in order to align with best practices. However, if you aren’t using one of these platforms, you’ll need to manually ensure your sites meet Google’s new guidelines.


Business Wire

03 Feb 2021

Duda Honored as Gold Stevie® Winner in the 15th Annual Stevie® Awards for Sales & Customer Service

Duda (www.duda.co), the professional website builder for digital agencies and SaaS companies, was named the winner of a Gold Stevie® Award for outstanding customer service in the “Front-Line Customer Service Team of the Year - Technology Industries” category.


Built In Colorado

16 Jul 2020

How Local Tech Companies Are Taking Action To Support the Black Community

"As a global company, we believe that we’re in a unique position to show up and support those fighting for racial justice and equality through the use of our product. To that end, we are giving any organization needing a website to promote equality-related causes a free annual Duda subscription. Further, we’ve committed company resources to actively share, promote and amplify websites built on Duda in support of the Black Lives Matter movement."

Stephanie Hsiung, CFO of Duda 



11 Dec 2020

Why SaaS Companies Are Offering Websites To Customers

A more complete solution increases the stickiness of a SaaS platform and can help decrease the likelihood of an SMB churning and going to a competitor. Adding more relevant products, including websites, to the SaaS stack can improve retention of those SMB customers. Vendasta found that “selling an SMB one product has a retention rate of only 30% after two years. Selling that SMB just one more product showed an increased retention rate of nearly 20%, while selling an SMB four products shows a retention rate of 80%.”


Built in Colorado

21 Jan 2021

5 Colorado Tech Companies You Should Be Watching in 2021

"We’re constantly thinking about our customers’ pain points and how we can address those by providing them with more tools and features that make their lives easier and better equip them to support their small business clients. Especially nowadays as we are still in the midst of a global pandemic, we will continue to invest in helping our agency customers better support small businesses in their transition to digital with an increased focus on features related to e-commerce sales, online transactions and integration with many new solution providers in our app store."

- Itai Sadan, CEO of Duda


Built In Colorado

12 Jan 2021

100 Best Places To Work in Colorado 2021

Duda is the leading web design platform for all companies that offer web design services to small businesses. The Company serves all types of customers, from freelance web professionals and digital agencies, to the largest hosting companies, SAAS platforms and online publishers in the world.


AWS Blog

07 Jan 2021

A Conversation With Duda’s Devops Team

Duda is a professional web design platform. The company serves all types of customers, from freelance web professionals and digital agencies, to the largest hosting companies, SaaS platforms, and online publishers in the world. Duda started using AWS services in March 2009, when the company was founded. They currently run all of their workloads on AWS. Among others, they are using Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, and Amazon EC2. Duda is a rapidly growing company and although the traffic to their sites went up more than 234%, their AWS bill grew by less than 193%. This resulted in the decrease of cost per business outcome unit (here: website visit) by 18% over the 3 years. However, even though their infrastructure is entirely cloud native, they are still adapting internally to meet the CFM needs.



11 Feb 2021

How To Get the Most Bang for Your Buck from a White-Label Solution

White-label products are the unsung heroes of many industries and play a crucial role for businesses that want to improve offerings to customers. While some businesses may choose a white-label product as a “plug and play” solution to accomplish one task (or group of tasks), a company that thoroughly integrates a white-label product into its operations can realize benefits beyond the function the product was designed to perform.



24 Mar 2021

Staying Ahead of the Curve on Google's Core Web Vitals

One year. That’s how long Google gave developers to start implementing required changes to improve user experience. In early May 2020, Google published a modest post on one of its developer blogs introducing Core Web Vitals — a set of metrics that will result in major changes to the way websites are ranked by the search engine. In May 2021, Google will officially add those Core Web Vitals to the various other “page experience” signals it analyzes when deciding how to rank websites.



17 Mar 2021

Duda: An Integrated and White-Label Visual Web Design Platform that Streamlines Site Building for Entrepreneurs

Modern site builders rely on drag-and-drop efficiency to speed up development time and improve turnaround. Duda delivers a platform with a rich visual web designer and offers a white-label version as an embeddable application. It provides APIs for dynamic data so agencies and SMBs can manage many client websites from a single administrative dashboard. Duda’s award-winning service and support team is now focused on delivering even more innovations to the platform’s speed and core web technologies.



02 Jul 2020

Duda Named Website Builder Leader In G2 Summer 2020 Grid® Report

Duda announced today that it has been named a Leader in G2’s Summer 2020 Grid® Report for Website Builders. This report is based on customer reviews, and the report noted that the Duda professional website builder platform gathered high marks in a wide number of business relationship traits including “quality of support” and “ease of doing business,” along with ease of use, ease of administration, and ease of setup.



14 May 2020

Roundup: Duda, Nuestar, Hurrdat Pivot to Meet New SMB Demands

“Neustar Localeze listing management enables Duda’s digital agency and SaaS partners to extend significant value to their small business customers during these challenging times,” said Alan Keller, Chief Revenue Officer of Duda, in a statement. “By incorporating Neustar Localeze, our partners can ensure their customers’ latest operational information is displayed consistently and accurately across local search results. this is especially important during this time of constantly changing COVID-19 measures.”


Paul Carl Digital

17 Apr 2020

58 Syracuse Marketing Companies Ordered by Website Speed

Duda was an interesting find because I had never heard of it before and those sites were pretty fast with great PageSpeed scores.


Business Insider

31 Jan 2020

9 Business Moguls on How to Break into a New Industry and Make it to the Top

"Respect your customers and never lose sight of their pain points or why they chose you. For example, we serve small businesses through our partnerships with SaaS and web design agencies, so we build our products to ensure that they can provide great customer experiences centered around their brands - not ours. This ensures long-term relationships with both our partners and customers."

- Itai Sadan, CEO of Duda



09 Apr 2020

Maximizing Your Online Presence Using the Best Website Builders

Like the other site builders on this list, Duda offers great templates and SEO tools. But what gives it an edge over its competitors is its feature that enables you to create multilingual websites using the builder.


Business 2 Community

31 Mar 2020

Top 5 Website Builders for Freelancers and Agencies

One of Duda’s main selling points is how fast it is to create new websites. Like many other tools, Duda offers a variety of Sections to help users build out new pages. Unfortunately, Sections are not categorized by style in the Section browser. But adding a Section to your page will automatically match the text, buttons, and colours thanks to Duda’s Global Design feature.

Duda also offers migration tools to help designers quickly import existing websites into the platform. These free tools automatically import elements such as: images, content, business information, and more.


Hacker Noon

18 Feb 2020

3 Ways You Can Build and Update Websites Using Data Pushes

Duda is a web design platform built for agencies, digital publishers and hosting companies. If your company builds and manages websites for small businesses, this might be worth a look. The platform is rich with collaboration and client management tools. Among these features is Connected Data contained within the Content Library. This tool which is among the latest additions to the platform allows users to connect site widgets to data from various external sources.


Finance Magnate

17 Feb 2020

Duda Launches App Store on Heels of $25m Funding Round

“We know that our agency and SaaS partners are always looking to increase sales and the stickiness of their service,” said Duda’s CEO Itai Sadan, “and there is no better way to do that than by offering additional technology products that enhance a small business’s online presence.”

With their on-board App Store, Duda offers its customers a product-rich environment where different platforms integrate seamlessly with each other.



04 Feb 2020

5 Easy Zapier Integrations to Boost Your Sales Today

Managing client data can be a pain. Everything from their revision ideas to contact information needs to be stored and available in the click of a button. Likewise, It can be difficult and overwhelming to manage all this information when you have numerous clients and a high-volume sales pipeline.

It doesn’t have to be that way, though. The web design platform Duda is capable of being Zapped with the Google Sheets extension to automatically import client data into Duda’s content library. This can then be leveraged to create demo sites which help showcase your agency’s skill and convert hot leads.



29 Dec 2019

Best Website Builders for 2020

Duda's builder boasts a number of features that set it apart, including mobile site customization, detailed data analytics (e.g. advanced metrics like form submissions, time on page and bounce rate), and user personalization so you can easily display specific messages or offers to users based on the time of day, their location or their browsing history. It's also known for its multilanguage support and a free e-commerce add-on that allows you to sell up to 10 products.



09 Dec 2019

Duda Review

Duda and its websites keep up with the times just about enough. The beautiful and trendy "full-screen splash" templates are very common here, making the creation of stunning websites really simple. I'm impressed by the design in the desktop example. Editing on mobile in the first place can take some time to get used to, but once you do you can edit and create websites on the go.


Zapier Blog

26 Nov 2019

New Integration: Build beautiful Websites with Duda

...now Duda connects with Zapier, making it easier than ever to automate your website creation and management. Connect Duda with 1,500+ other apps, including Slack, Google Sheets, and Gmail. Zapier can automatically trigger workflows in other apps whenever here's a published blog post, a new form response, or a new or updated site comment in Duda. Or you can add a collection row or update your content library in Duda whenever trigger events happen in the other apps you use most.


How to CEO

27 Nov 2019

Communication Works Wonders with Itai Sadan

In this episode of How to CEO, Murray talks with Itai Sadan, co-founder, and CEO of website design platform Duda. Itai shares his insights on becoming a great CEO, what he learned from working with his clients, and why leaders need to communicate well with their teams. Itai delves into the intricacies of building a website. He also comments that employees are the real driving force in business, and cherishing your best employees will, in turn, lead them to love your company. He also stresses the importance of good product-market fit, how it as a cushion for mistakes.



25 Oct 2019

Reasons to Opt for a Mobile Web App or PWA

...PWAs are remarkably inexpensive to develop and publish. The coding is lightweight and the same PWA runs on both iOS and Android, removing the need to build two versions of the same app and lowering the costs even more.

Moreover, when you use Duda (a web design platform) to build client sites, you can create a PWA in just one click, using the work you already put in to make the website.



22 Oct 2019

5 Ways to Optimize Your Site for Google Page Speed Criteria

Lazy loading is a must if you’ve implemented “infinite scrolling,” which is popular with content-heavy sites, but it can help on all types of websites. In fact, the Duda web design platform has found that following the implementation of lazy loading on Duda-powered sites, those properties saw an average of 10 points in Lighthouse score lift—nothing to shake a stick at.



25 Sep 2019

Duda Raises $25M in Funding

Led by Itai Sadan, Co-Founder and CEO, and Amir Glatt, Co-Founder and CTO, Duda provides a website building platform that enables professional website designers and digital agencies to effectively collaborate both internally and with their customers. Additionally, it provides a white-label Website-as-a-Service solution for SaaS companies to offer website design capabilities integrated with their technology for SMB customers.



25 Sep 2019

Israeli Design Platform Duda Raises $25 Million to Offer Website-as-a-Service

Noa Wolfson, investor at SGE, will join the board. Speaking to his confidence in the Duda’s product, Wolfson said: “While the Susquehanna team and I were initially impressed with the product, it wasn’t until we started speaking with customers that we realized just how powerful the platform is for the thousands of web professionals it serves. Time and again, customers told us that Duda catalyzed the growth of their agencies. The ability to have all site building and client management needs on a centralized, and more importantly, secure, platform saves web professionals time and money.”



25 Sep 2019

Israeli Web Design Co Duda Raises $25M

Israeli web design platform for digital agencies and SaaS platforms Duda today announced that it has raised a $25 million from Susquehanna Growth Equity (SGE). This round brings the total amount raised to date to $50 million. The financing will be used to accelerate sales and marketing efforts and continue growing the company's Israel-based R&D team.



25 Sep 2019

Duda raises $25 million to bring its website-building platform to more companies

“We are very familiar with the frustration many web professionals experience daily due to the lack of suitable web design platforms,” noted Duda cofounder and CEO Itai Sadan. “Our team has developed a product that integrates all of the components needed for professional-grade web design to effectively serve digital agencies and SaaS platforms and allow them to scale their business.”



25 Sep 2019

U.S.-Israeli Web Design Platform Duda Raises $25 Million in Equity

Palo Alto-based Duda said its website building platform enables professional website designers and digital agencies to increase efficiency and more effectively collaborate both internally and with their customers. Duda also provides a white-label website-as-a-service product for software-as-a-service companies.



25 Sep 2019

Duda Nabs $25M to Take on WordPress with a Web Development Platform Aimed at Agencies

The funding, which brings the Palo Alto-based startup to $50 million raised to date, comes as Duda  hits some strong milestones. There have been more than 560,000 websites built on its platform to date from some 6,000 web professionals — a mark of the B2B2C channel that Duda uses to grow (on an average this would work out to around 93 sites per developer or agency).


Creative Tim's Blog

23 Aug 2019

6 Situations Where Your Client Is Better off With a Progressive Web App

To place your app in the app marketplace, you’ll have to get membership, pay a standard fee, and follow strict submission and code compliance processes. The submission and approval steps can take several days or even weeks, and even after that your app may not meet their benchmarks.

By making use of advanced web development solutions – like Duda’s platform, for example – it’s possible to deploy a PWA version of your client’s website to the internet in just a few clicks. This way, you’re able to release new versions of the app as often as you’d like.


Super Dev Resources

27 Aug 2019

How Your Agency’s Designers and Developers Can Collaborate More Effectively

Duda is a web design platform for agencies bent on scaling business. It has a wide array of features for building websites, managing clients, and team collaboration. To improve how your team works together, Duda has an instant messaging feature that allows clients, marketers, designers, and developers to chat about the project from within pre-launch versions of the site.



15 Aug 2019

Why Brick-and-Mortar Startups Need to Strategize Search Rankings Differently

Andrew Shotland, CEO of Local SEO Guide, recently hosted a webinar for Duda, a web design platform for agencies that serve SMBs.

After being asked how Google has changed in 2019, Shotland replied, “Reviews … have become pretty much synonymous with local search. Any branded search is gonna show review results almost all the time — not just in the Knowledge panel, but also in the organic results.”



29 Jul 2019

The Strategic Advantages of Headless Web Design

Nowadays, Duda is known as a powerful drag and drop website builder, complete with team collaboration and client management tools, enabling agency designers and developers to build feature-rich, responsive websites that scale for their clients.

It was built to load with lighting fast speed (meeting Google PageSpeed best practices), is SEO-friendly out of the box, and comes with secure cloud hosting using the reputable infrastructure of Amazon Web Services.

But more than that, Duda gives agency pros customizable, responsive, pre-designed templates for faster website development, the ability to deliver dynamic content on all device types instantly using a global CDN, and help with white-labeling, sales materials, and landing page creation, all of which are crucial to building a successful agency.


The Manifest

02 Aug 2019

How to Turn Your Clients’ Websites Into Customer Engagement Machines

A web design platform such as Duda can help you add rule-based personalization to come up with various calls-to-action, forms, widgets, and other conversion elements to individual visitors, depending on their location, device, browsing history, referral URL, or time of day.

For example, if you want to target consumers who live near your store while they’re searching for a product you sell, you might encourage them with a pop-up...



24 Jul 2019

6 Tips from Experts on Optimizing Websites for Google's Lighthouse 3.0 Speed Tests

“Lazy loading is important because it prioritizes content, specifically images, that are at the top of a page when a visitor first accesses a web page. As a user scrolls down the page, additional site elements will load. 

We’ve tested several sites that have implemented lazy loading and saw an average of a 10 point bump in Lighthouse score. 

The reason this is so important for Lighthouse is, Google is trying to offer a real-world, comprehensive view of how a website performs and lazy loading is a positive factor in this equation. Most other website speed checkers just look at a site’s total download size and time to load.”

- Itai Sadan, CEO of Duda


Search Engine Journal

07 Jun 2019

Scaling Your Agency; 5 Essential Tips for Success

For example, Duda is an excellent solution for teams that want to build attractive, fast-loading websites and progressive web apps with maximum efficiency.

It offers hundreds of pre-designed website templates that you can easily customize using the drag-and-drop interface.

Entire sections of pages can be saved to libraries for later repurposing, and they can be assigned to team members on site mockups, which also support commenting threads with clients.



07 Jun 2019

Duda: The design tool that’s making people leave WordPress

Duda offers tools that bring efficiency and scalability to your work environment. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the reasons why digital agencies have started leaving WordPress for Duda and why you may consider making the switch for your team.



05 Jun 2019

How to Build High-Converting Websites for Your Clients at Scale

This Duda case study points out some exceptional results from moving away from WordPress.

When WebAct, a Denver-based agency, switched from building websites on WordPress to Duda, they were able to triple their customer base in only three years. They also saved over $200,000 per year and cut site development costs by 50%.



17 May 2019

3 Ways You Can Build and Update Websites Using Data Pushes

Duda’s one-of-a-kind Content Import tool and Content Collection Form allow users of the agency-friendly design platform to populate their Content Library with all sorts of information. This essentially becomes your data source.

Then you can create widgets and other site elements (like favicons, buttons, banners, or pop-ups), map them to your data source, and connect them directly to your Content Library — in just a few clicks.


Convince & Convert

08 May 2019

What Advanced Marketing Personalization Is and How to Use It

Personalized marketing is not only about connecting with your audience. It also helps customers while growing sales at the same time. A simple product suggestion or recommendation could help bring better results.

Advanced content management systems offer some personalized marketing features. For example, Duda allows you to personalize calls to action based on time of day, geolocation, number of visits and more.



25 Apr 2019

7 Tools for Managing Multiple Sites on the Same Platform

This site design platform is geared specifically towards providing fast page loading times. This makes it the ideal candidate for any agency looking to deploy and manage a growing number of websites. Many features that are pivotal for agencies – including hosting, SSL certificates, a robust content management system and the ability to create progressive web apps from any site – come included with every Duda plan.



16 Apr 2019

The Symptoms and Cure for Poor Mobile UX with Russell Jeffery and Stephen Alemar

Mobile UX is the ease with which potential customers are able to engage with your website; however, there is no exact standard for the ideal mobile UX. It is a moving target. Having said that, a solid mobile experience is important because the entire world has adopted the smartphone as the most common access point for the web. Meaning, if you want success on mobile, your website has to be easy to engage with.


Small Business Trends

11 Apr 2019

The Secret Behind Landing Better Content Marketing Clients

One easy solution is to use web development platforms that streamline the process and shorten production cycles significantly. Here, services like Duda offer front-end design alongside collaboration tools. Agencies can use these tools to set permissions, manage the back-end, and simplify the flow of assets along with their clients.



05 Apr 2019

5 Tips For Design Agencies to Optimize Efficiency and Collaboration

For a design agency in particular, you should use software that brings everyone together in one central hub,  not just for the sake of centralizing assets, but to improve your collaboration efforts. You also need to look for software that gives clients a seat at the table within your software. If you can do this all from your website design platform – which you can with Duda, for example, –all the better.


Inkbot Design

04 Apr 2019

How a Dynamic Call-to-action can Boost Conversions

The Duda platform, for example, enables agency designers and digital marketers to build dynamic CTAs into their websites that make personalised recommendations based on what time the visitor lands on the site, their location, and which pages they’ve visited.



01 Apr 2019

Designing Better Mobile Experiences for All of Your Clients’ Websites

Duda, for example, is a full-fledged website design platform that comes with built-in tools for dynamic, location-aware content, bleeding-fast mobile page load times  – and the ability to turn any mobile website into a progressive web app at no additional cost. It allows you to take full advantage of the mobile platform and add a click-to-call button to facilitate phone calls.


Thrive Global

17 Apr 2019

What’s to Blame for the Negativity and Toxicity in Your Web Design Agency?

"When managing multiple client projects and deadlines, effective and timely communication is crucial…. [Make sure to] keep everyone accountable, up-to-date with the latest tasks and reduces lengthy back and forth communication due to misunderstandings. Whenever accountability and transparency exist—even if it’s just among the members of your team—outcomes improve."

- Itai Sadan, CEO of Duda


Digital Agency Network

01 Apr 2019

6 Tips For Today’s Agencies to Tackle The Scalability Challenges

Take a look at Olive Street Design, for example – after transitioning to Duda, a platform known for its collaboration and multi-site admin features, they managed to reduce their website building time by a whopping 75 percent.

The quality of output and increased efficiency now allows them to sell 4 times as many websites. It is hard to overestimate how big a difference that kind of efficiency and quality can make, especially for a new business that is trying to gain early traction.



21 Mar 2019

How to Increase Conversions: Ideas, Tools, Examples

One powerful way to make your shopping experience mobile friendly without investing into a standalone app is to use web design platforms that support progressive web apps (PWAs) which act like native mobile apps but don’t need to be installed by your customers. According to Google, PWAs are “a new way to deliver amazing user experiences on the web.”

PWAs also support many app-like functionalities that most mobile-optimized websites do not, such as push notifications, which can be especially useful for omnichannel retailers.

Duda allows agency professionals to roll out progressive web app versions of their clients’ sites with one click of a button.


7 Things to Look For in a Website Builder for Your Next Project

14 Mar 2019

7 Things to Look For in a Website Builder for Your Next Project

The more features a website builder has to offer, the easier the customization of sites will be. For example, if you work with multiple clients, Duda’s platform is a game-changer, especially for agencies and larger teams. The set of collaboration specific tools (including asset sharing, team dashboards, task assignments and prompts and comment threads on sites before they launch) are fantastic, because they help teams scale and maximize output efficiency.



05 Feb 2019

How Brick & Click Retailers Can Win with Personalization in 2019

Reaching out to your customers at the right time is half the battle won in marketing.

Now, thanks to technology, you have the tools to time your customer communications down to the second when you want a user to take a particular action.

You could turn to a web builder platform like Duda, which comes with built-in options to send out customized messages to your users based on factors like time of day, year, etc.



19 Feb 2019

Create More Value for Your Customers with an Integrated Site Builder

One great way web hosts can do this is by providing powerful site building capabilities as part of their packages. Fortunately, self-service site building platforms like Duda are available to web hosts which they can integrate with their own offerings. Industry-leading 1&1 IONOS, for example, uses Duda’s API to power its own site builder on a white labeled basis.

“1&1 is setting out to create a complete new experience for small businesses, and we are actually tapping out being a host and into being a digital partner for small businesses, and that’s the whole difference,” said Joachim Ritter, 1&1’s Chief Product Officer for Small Business, during his presentation at this past spring’s CloudFest.



02 Mar 2019

How Duda's Web Design Platform Enables Creative Collaboration

In all fairness, it’s really hard to embrace holistic thinking about web development. Each of your team members has their own specialty, so their view of a website is going to differ from person to person. This will also be different from how your client looks at a website.

So, how exactly do you collaborate with so many disparate parties and viewpoints involved?

To start, individual contributors are able to play to their strengths and spend time working on their unique piece of the puzzle with Duda. To help them do this, use the Users and Permissions settings to help them focus on what they need to.


Vandelay Design

29 Jan 2019

3 Solutions to Help Your Agency Manage Many Websites at Once

Duda is a popular web development and management platform that has been used to create nearly 13 million websites. It is a go-to solution for many agencies, because it is an efficient platform for building and managing websites across many different industries. Here are some of the key selling points.



21 Jan 2019

Elevate your Website’s UX With These Personalization Tactics

"Web design platforms such as Duda provide built-in support for the personalization triggers such as time of day, geolocation, return visits and more. Administrators using Duda can also customize the specific actions which serve personalized content after identifying relevant targets. This is highly useful for web design agencies who want to wow their clients with cutting-edge web design that aims for high conversion rates. The elements you can deploy are those that customers respond well to, such as notification bars, pop-ups and more. Duda also allow you to measure the trajectory of conversion rates and A/B test to optimize your efforts."



10 Jan 2019

These Are The Biggest SEO Trends Of 2019

“It seems that Google views slow-loading websites as the biggest problem it has with the mobile web today, and they want to use their influence in the market to force website owners to do better. Our team at Duda agrees that website speed is one of the core components that makes up the UX of a website, and we believe lowering load times is the best thing a website owner can do to improve their web presence today.”

- Itai Sadan, CEO of Duda



25 Dec 2018

How (and Why) Collaboration Brings About Stronger, More Creative Web Design

As Aaron Pitre of Duda, a scale-centric web design company, writes, this collaborative mindset is especially important in an agency setting. Says Pitre, “Collaboration with a client begins the moment you are seriously considering working with them. Get off to a strong start by developing a research plan in which you will collect as much relevant information as possible; it will serve as the template on which you will lay the groundwork for the entire project.”



31 Dec 2018

Why Google, Apple, and Microsoft Are On Board With This Progressive Trend in 2019

"It's easy to see how progressive web app functionality, coupled with websites' historic advantages in discoverability and the relatively low cost of development, have ushered in a new era of online presence management. Small businesses and the web professionals that cater to their needs no longer have to choose between creating an app that provides an amazing experience or a website that drives customer traffic. Going forward, all SMBs will get the best of both worlds in one progressive web app."

- Itai Sadan, CEO of Duda



23 Dec 2018

PWAs: The Revolutionary Innovation Web Design Agencies Have Been Waiting For

Creating a PWA doesn’t take a long time and a lot of money so it will probably pay off in the long run. In addition to that, if you don’t feel like dedicating your team members and time to creating your own PWA, you can always try a great tool like Duda to do all the heavy lifting for you.



19 Dec 2018

5 Actionable Steps Agencies Can Take to Build Stronger Relationships with Their Clients

Letting the clients know you are focused on their needs gets harder when you have to manage multiple clients at the same time. However, if you show the clients that you know them and that you care, they will definitely appreciate it.

Try implementing personalization triggers to let them know that you are thinking about them even while working on other projects. You can use software such as Duda to configure personalization triggers on your website and follow your users’ journey.



20 Dec 2018

SEO Trends 2019: Experts' Predictions, Volume II

"As search engines like Google innovate and evolve in ways that allow them to better understand information and return ever more accurate search results to users, web professionals need to take seriously the importance of using Schema and structured data in websites." 

- Itai Sadan, CEO of Duda 



08 Dec 2018

3 Challenges You'll Face When Creating Multiple Revenue Streams In Your Business

"When managing multiple client projects and deadlines, effective and timely communication is crucial in order to keep everyone accountable. This is especially true once you've brought on new clients—fall behind with them, and you'll quickly lose that source of revenue you just worked so hard to gain. 

For example, our web design platform enables you and your clients to add comments directly on a website while it's being built. This keeps everyone accountable, up-to-date with the latest tasks and reduces lengthy back and forth communication due to misunderstandings. Whenever accountability and transparency exist—even if it's just among the members of your team—outcomes improve."

- Itai Sadan, CEO of Duda 


CMS Critic

05 Dec 2018

How to Choose the Best Website Building Platform for Your Agency

Duda offers a myriad of beautifully-designed templates, a drag-and-drop interface, eCommerce options, and a plethora of elements for design agencies to work with for budding brands. And using Duda helps streamline site development. As the site puts it, “digital publishers on Duda average more than a 50% drop in website build times.”



06 Nov 2018

Is the Future of Web Design Really in Artificial Intelligence?

"Web design platforms like Duda differ from AI builders. This site provides quicker ways to complete projects and enables you to take control when you want to. Agency-friendly platforms like these, on the other hand, significantly streamline how much work designers have to do."


Smart Insights

30 Oct 2018

6 Challenges for Content Creators When Establishing an Online Presence

"Larger teams can look at a tool like Duda, a website-builder that is feature-packed, convenient to use, and great for scaling so that your website can grow with your ambitions. With Duda, it’s easy to manage a website and project pipeline, thanks to the platform’s collaboration tools. This feature makes it easy to assign roles and permissions to the relevant teams so that the marketing people can focus on SEO settings and analytics, while the content creators can create, manage, and publish posts, and so on. Everyone is free to focus on their own work for smoother overall execution."



30 Oct 2018

Four Strategies To Help Small Businesses Increase Customer Retention

"Technology can always help. With web design platforms like Duda, agencies can simplify many aspects of their customer management with customized account access, easy content collection and automated messaging. You can even pull customers’ existing images, text, and information from across the web and centralize it in the platform. This allows companies to increase their retention rate by delighting customers with a sustainable collaborative relationship that is as stress-free as possible."



30 Oct 2018

17 SEO experts on the evolution of Google's mobile first index

"The mobile-first index represents a major shift in the way Google catalogs the world’s information, so it’s a substantial change, and it follows that they’d want to ensure there are no major disruptions while going through this evolution. But even though the rollout of the mobile-first index has taken a little while to get going, it was definitely a smart play, as mobile is now the primary point of search."

- Itai Sadan, CEO of Duda 


Design Shack

10 Oct 2018

What’s a Progressive Web App (And Why Should You Care)?

"In terms of building a progressive web app, you have a couple of options. The first option is to utilize Google’s developer documentation and write your own PWA. But that option still requires an investment of your time and resources.

If you’re not prepared to handle that level of work, or would rather focus your energies elsewhere, you can use a tool like the Duda web design platform to easily convert your website into a progressive web app."


Spyre Studios

04 Oct 2018

Choosing the Right Platform to Manage Multiple Sites at Once

"If you’ve been in this line of work for a few years and are experiencing significant growth in customer volume, then you’re already aware that site design, administration and updates is extremely time-intensive. Working on many clients’ websites at once is especially hard to do when you’re operating at scale...

Duda is one of the most popular tools for building high-quality websites in a short period of time. This platform has received the PC Magazine Editor’s Choice Award and proudly claims to be the “fastest website builder out there.”



20 Sep 2018

WordPress vs. Duda: Which Platform Offers Better Value for Web Development Agencies?

"...if you make the mistake of housing your web development agency on a platform that’s lacking both in reliability and features, it’ll only be a matter of time before you spend an extra thousand dollars more for additional tools so you can produce excellent work.

It’s precisely because of this that web development agencies need to use a robust platform to operate their businesses.

In this guide, we’re going to compare Duda and WordPress — two established brands in the website development space — to see which between the two is ideal for web development agencies."



10 Sep 2018

Why You Should Be More Worried About Your 'Return on Time' Instead of Investment

"'No matter what products or services a company offers to its clients, the importance of optimizing your workflow for maximum value is hard to overstate," says Itai Sadan, co-founder and CEO of Duda, a web design technology business.

He continues, "This is especially true for companies like digital agencies that keep their businesses afloat through ongoing, high-contact relationships with clients. Every time our team is preparing to build a new product for agencies to work with, we ask ourselves, 'How will this feature help our customer build websites more quickly?'"


Tech Guru Daily

21 Nov 2022

Duda vs. Webflow: Which Platform Should Your Agency Choose?

"As a web development agency, some might argue that your team is only as good as its tools.

Years of experience, design strategies, creative flair — all these factors can be severely limited if you’re working with a mediocre platform that lacks the right capabilities.

If you want to remain competitive in this industry, you can’t afford to settle for anything less than the absolute best. That’s why, in this post, we took the liberty of comparing two of the top platforms that web design agencies should choose: Duda and Webflow."



22 Aug 2018

CSS and PWAs: Some Tips for Building Progressive Web Apps

"Progressive web apps represent the next great leap in the evolution of web design and online presence management … they take the best aspects of native apps, such as a feature-rich experience and the ability to be accessed offline, and incorporate them into responsive websites. This creates an incredible web experience for users without the need to download anything onto their device.

Anyone providing web design services to clients is going to want to offer PWAs because over time, just like with mobile and responsive web design, it will become the industry standard."



22 Aug 2018

8 Experts On Why Google's "Page Speed" Update Makes Sense

"Google consistently points out that slower sites lead to high abandonment rates directly from search results. It’s a message that the company has been sending with AMP, PWA, and now this speed update. Website speed is one of the core components that make up the UX of a website – giving visitors the content they want faster is the best thing an SMB can do to improve their web presence today."

- Itai Sadan, CEO of Duda 



31 Jul 2018

How to Make Dynamic Content Personalization Work for Your Company

"If you are at a digital agency, unleashing the conversion boost of personalization upon your clients’ websites can be a major market differentiator. The Duda site development platform, for example, offers a rule-based personalization engine that renders different calls-to-action, widgets and other conversion-oriented design elements to different site visitors depending on their location, device, number of visits, campaign tags in URLs or time of day."


Search Engine People

23 Jul 2018

The Real Reason HTTPS Matters to Your SEO Results: 5 Experts Weigh In

"Website visitors expect more functionality than ever before, and a lot of the latest and greatest technologies require HTTPS to be enabled. For example, with progressive web apps, you get a lot of exciting new opportunities for engaging with site visitors, such as the ability to browse a website while offline or launch a site from the home screen like a native app – but they both require HTTPS."

- Itai Sadan, CEO of Duda 


Internet Marketing Ninjas

11 Jul 2018

Cross-Team Collaboration: How to Include All Your Employees into Different Aspects of Digital Marketing

"Duda is a web design platform with a very powerful collaboration component, empowering agency teams and client-side teams to contribute to website builds based on each stakeholder’s individual skill specialties."



    18 Jun 2018

    Adobe is Closing Business Catalyst and Muse. Here Is Our Favorite Alternative

    "As a web design agency looking to provide a phenomenal service to your clients, you need a design and development platform that’s equally phenomenal to support your vision. Adopting a less than stellar platform can only result in unnecessary pains for you and your clients, which can ultimately kill your agency’s brand reputation. And so to help you find your next web builder, we’ve looked into why Duda could be your best shot for replacing Business Catalyst and Muse."


    The Balance

    07 Jun 2018

    The 8 Best Website Builders to Use in 2018

    "Duda's extensive set of tools lets you customize every element of your website's design on a per-device basis. The website's layout and features can be configured individually for computers, tablets and smartphones. There are numerous flexible navigation styles to choose from, and the developer mode can be used to access HTML and CSS code for better flexibility and control. You can customize color overlays for images and videos, copy and paste elements within the website, and even duplicate entire Web pages." 



    05 Jun 2018

    5 Unnecessary Tasks Costing Your Agency Time and Money

    "Bothering your clients every single time you need a specific image can waste a lot of time and frustrate your client. Therefore, you should implement a better plan that makes it easy to access the latest images quickly.

    A tool that can help you execute this better is Duda. You send your clients a link to a page where they can upload images, files and even their contact details.

    Alternatively, you can also add the website URL or Facebook page URL of the client to Duda and it will import all the images and contact details that can be found on their website and Facebook page respectively."



    31 May 2018

    Steps You Can Take to Create a Winning Culture

    "Duda is a proponent of creating a winning culture through collaboration... This collaborative effort helps web designers, content collectors, QA folks, and customers improve deliverables more efficiently, effectively and successfully. Through their experience in closely working with their own customers, Sadan said, 'We’ve learned that when we zero in on the needs of a specific type of customer (in this case, agencies), we allow ourselves as software providers to tailor a unique and differentiated solution to that customer.'”


    Cue Small Business Blog

    01 Jun 2018

    Duda vs. WordPress: Picking A Website Builder For Your Small Business

    "WordPress is not always the right tool for the job. For small business sites, it’s usually the wrong one. By switching smaller businesses with fewer needs to a website builder like Duda, not only can you save time and take a bigger profit, but be the proud designer and owner of your website!"



    24 May 2018

    6 Ways To Manage Multiple Websites On The Same Platform

    "Some of the key features that you’ll find at Duda include an easy drag-and-drop interface for site design, the ability to customize every element on a per device basis, a tablet editor so you can build your sites on the go using a touch-friendly design, more than 100 font styles to suit practically any aesthetic, a developer mode for greater control and flexibility, parallax effects, page duplication, a widget builder, a vast library of responsive website templates, robust eCommerce support… the list goes on and on. The team collaboration features are very impressive too."



    18 May 2018

    Mobile Content Marketing Strategy For Startups

    "If your content isn’t hosted on a mobile optimized website, don’t expect much. All it takes is one web page to not show up correctly on a user’s mobile phone, for that person to quickly close your website and search for another. Instead, get your basics right, and get yourself a truly mobile responsive website that can load all content layouts perfectly on all mobile device screens.

    My suggestion; go with a mobile optimized website development platform to revamp or recreate your website. There’s Duda, for instance, offering you a wide range of very impressive mobile optimized website templates, along with a WYSIWYG website development editor interface, taking the pain and time out of the equation."



    15 May 2018

    The Tools That Will Keep Your Digital Agencies on Track

    "There are many useful tools to improve both customer relationship and agency management... Duda is an all-in-one platform that supports all of these management features. Their extensive team collaboration and client management tools also include the ability to automate sending analytics reports, generate SSL certifications, and create groups within your agency, and on your clients’ side, with customized access to projects and tools. It has a white-labeled environment that allows you to create a proprietary system for your brand using your logos and aesthetics, without having to design it all yourself or even letting your customer know that Duda is your secret sauce."


    Search Engine Watch

    14 May 2018

    Four Ways to Boost SEO in just 5 Hours

    "Large images are one of the main culprits of slow page speed for websites, and Duda was built for this very reason. Duda is a mobile-friendly web design platform for agencies to launch mobile-optimized websites in minutes. All images loaded through Duda are automatically resized and compressed, allowing web pages to render in seconds, and meaning you don’t have to worry about how images will be served to different devices. In addition to resizing these images with ImageMagick, the platform also compresses them using a process called lossy compression."


    Design Webkit

    07 May 2018

    Top Web Developer Tools

    "With a comprehensive website platform like Duda, you don’t have to build or code a content collection form yourself. Ready-made forms are automatically generated for all website projects, you just have to send the right URL to your clients."



    01 May 2018

    Duda Versus Weebly: Which Platform Should You Specialize In?

    "If you want your brand to stand out, you need to choose the platform that delivers the best value for you and your clients.

    In this post, we will take a closer look at two of the standout options — namely Duda and Weebly — and help you decide which one would best fit your web design agency."


    CMS Critic

    30 Apr 2018

    Duda Review: A Powerful Platform for Web Design Agencies

    "Duda is a comprehensive digital platform for agencies that promises to do more than just help them build professional-looking websites.

    Unlike blogging platforms, content management systems, and other cloud-based site builders, Duda focuses on technology that encompasses brand-building, client management, and team collaboration for businesses and digital agencies."


    WP Arena

    26 Apr 2018

    7 Tools Agencies Need for Better Project Management

    "Perhaps the most modern and intuitive option on this list is Duda. A platform made to help build and scale your agency, this suite of tools comes with everything a creative organization needs to run a website building and content management strategy for multiple clients around the world."



    25 Apr 2018

    Duda Review: An Ideal Platform for Web Design Agencies

    "Rather than focusing purely on the web creation experience, [Duda] also aims to provide web agencies the technology needed to incorporate branding into their projects, streamline client communications, and cultivate team collaboration."



    24 Apr 2018

    Duda Review: An Easy Way to Build Social-Ready Sites

    "If you’re in the business of designing, developing and rolling out websites for a rolling roster of clients, then making sure that each site is social-ready can be a hassle... The good news is, these drawbacks don’t really come into play with Duda — an online platform that web development agencies can use as ground zero for their services."


    The Financial Independence Hub

    05 Apr 2018

    Tools and platforms for would-be Webpreneurs

    Here are some of the best tools and platforms for making a website. (Duda is first on the list!)



    12 Mar 2018

    ICON Insiders — Bridging Tel Aviv and Silicon Valley

    Our CTO Amir Glatt was honored to be a part of this event and led a session about product development. 


    Creative Bloq

    07 Feb 2018

    Choose a website builder: 17 top tools

    "Designed with online stores, business sites, blogs and one-pagers in mind, Duda's responsive website builder has a stack of ready-made templates for you to choose from, and a drag-and-drop editor to make it easy to put your site together..."



    23 Jan 2018

    Yext And Duda Team Up To Integrate Websites With Digital Knowledge

    Yext, the leader in Digital Knowledge Management, announced a partnership today with industry-leading website builder, Duda. This integration will simplify the experience of managing an effective digital presence by pulling key business information, such as locations, opening hours, and product offerings, from Yext into Duda and syncing this data across the web.



    01 Feb 2018

    5 Must-Have Tech Tools for Financial Advisors

    A professional, well-designed website helps to increase visibility 24/7, makes a great first impression and can help to position you as an expert. 


    Education Technology & Mobile Learning

    30 Jan 2018

    5 Web Tools to Create the Best Website for Your School

    Duda’s philosophy is that the core of everything is personalization. Their service offers a built-in tool that can allow you to create the ultimate one to one experience for students. 



    01 Jan 2018

    How Mobile First Indexing Will Change SEO in 2018

    While it’s clear that the Duda platform has made it easier for site owners to create their sites without any tech skills required, and also making sure they are mobile-ready first — Duda is also making the resolution in 2018 to provide the best learning and resource tools for site owners and brands as well.


    Search Engine Watch

    09 Jan 2018

    Mobile-first indexing in 2018: 3 things SEO professionals should do right now

    "Specifically, I want to highlight one noteworthy option if you want to prioritize speed: Duda, which bills itself as the only Google Preferred builder fully optimized for PageSpeed.

    Having a well-designed and responsive website isn’t the only goal of mobile optimization. Speed is also crucial – even on mobile, visitors expect pixel-perfect images coupled with split-second rendering time."


    Noticias ao Minuto

    21 Nov 2022

    Dominios.pt aumenta venda de sites em 120%

    Duda makes big new in the Portuguese market with the announcement of a very successful launch with Dominios.PT. 



    05 Dec 2017

    Sale of Domains.pt sites grows 120% with Duda partnership

    Duda partnered with the largest domain registrar in Portugal, Dominios.PT. Check out this write up to learn all about it! 


    Capsicum Mediaworks

    01 Dec 2017

    301+ Best Expert Roundups on the Internet for 2018

    At Duda, we create a lot of content for our customers that we hope they find useful and are very happy we made it onto this list!



    20 Dec 2017

    Top 10 Ecommerce Website Builder Providers in 2018

    A thoughtful breakdown of the best site builders for eCommerce on the web with Duda ranked in the top 10. 


    CSS Author

    12 Dec 2017

    The Best Website Builders 2018

    Duda named one of the best website builders for 2018 in this excellent roundup! 



    26 Dec 2017

    Why Apple’s SMB App Purge Isn’t All Bad for Business Owners & Digital Marketers

    Our CEO Itai Sadan shares his thoughts on Apple's recent move against SMB apps inside the App Store and discusses what all marketers and agencies that serve SMBs can take away from this. 


    SEMrush (France)

    23 Nov 2017

    50 faits incontournables sur le mobile en 2017

    A great rundown of things to know about mobile in 2017 for our French-speaking friends. Some of Duda's original data is included in this article. 



    18 Nov 2017

    Why You Need to Prioritize PageSpeed in Discussions with Clients

    For the past few years, small and medium businesses (SMBs) across the world have been told that making their websites mobile-friendly, and embracing a mobile-first world, were essential for business success. And that was good advice. However, now that many SMBs have accepted these truths and made their sites responsive, the next big challenge web professionals will face in building websites is PageSpeed optimization. Check out this article to learn why and what you need to know.  


    The Next Web

    24 Oct 2017

    Speed: A Prerequisite for Delighting Customers and Boosting Sales

    “Optimizing for page speed – even if you change nothing else – will immediately have an impact on your customer’s happiness level,” explains Sadan. Faster speed means higher engagement and a better user experience – and that will mean everything to your bottom line.



    08 Sep 2017

    5 One-Page Web Design Templates for Businesses and Brands

    Duda is a website builder that was created for professionals, businesses, and brands in mind. With over 9 million sites running on Duda, it’s become one of the most effective ways to create a website with all the headaches involved with setting up separate web hosting and dealing with WordPress customization and management. With all of this in mind, take a look at some of the beautiful agency site designs and themes available from the platform as listed by Spyrestudios.



    27 Sep 2017

    5 Reasons You May Not Want to Use WordPress on Your Next Site

    WordPress has its upsides, but it's not a one-size-fits-all platform like many think. In fact, there are many drawbacks to the platform you may not have considered. This article lists five things about WP that might make you reconsider using it. 



    28 Sep 2017

    What CMOs Need to Know About WordPress

    The vast majority of SMBs use WordPress to build their websites. However, time has taught us that WordPress is too complicated for building most small to medium business websites.


    John Chow

    08 Sep 2017

    When is WordPress Not the Best Option for Site Owners and Brands

    There are plenty of ways to create websites but if you build websites for a living WordPress is likely not always be the best solution. See what renowned blogger, Zac Johnson has to say on the subject and why he thinks Duda is a better option.


    10 Best Design

    28 Sep 2017

    When They Say WordPress, Should You Say, "Why?" Is Duda Another Option?

    When picking a website builder, most digital agencies land on WordPress. But should they consider Duda as an option? This article lists talks about why WordPress isn't the best option and why you should consider Duda as your website builder.



    17 Aug 2017

    7 Impactful Ways to Increase Content Engagement

    Can site speed hinder your content marketing efforts? What about your mobile site speed? INC lists why these things matter in their list of 7 things you should consider when looking to increase content engagement. 


    WP Mayor

    25 Aug 2017

    WordPress Alternatives – Are They Really Worth It?

    Among the many website builders today, WordPress is prevailing, given the fact that it is being used by millions of bloggers worldwide. But how about getting to know some alternatives? In this article, you'll see 3 popular alternatives to WordPress that are worth your while. 


    Martech Advisor

    07 Aug 2017

    Here Is Why Mobile Web Speed Is Critical For Your Marketing ROI

    As small businesses are beginning to realize, optimizing page speed really is the next big thing. As Google data makes clear, faster sites mean longer sessions, lower bounce rates, more page views, and higher conversions. Faster load time simply means more money in the bank. For small businesses, optimizing your site for speed could be a game changer.


    WP Arena

    14 Aug 2017

    Design Tips for Building Better Websites

    If you’re serious about building a digital business that succeeds, you need to make sure that your website has all the essential ingredients to hook audiences the moment they land on your website. You can avoid all possibility of potential customers bouncing off your site by following these simple yet powerful design strategies listed on WP Arena. 



    17 Aug 2017

    Why Site Speed & Design Can Make Or Break Your Google Ranking

    Content is still king, but website load times and by-device designs have become crucial components of a successful SEO strategy. Forbes Contributor Jia Wertz highlights some of Duda's original research data to demonstrate just how crucial speed and SEO-optimized design are. 


    Marketing Land

    09 Jun 2017

    Report: Facebook’s Instant Articles faster than AMP, both formats boost user engagement

    In a parallel finding, website builder Duda validates the Chartbeat conclusion that page speed really matters to users. Sites that load more quickly receive almost 50 percent more “engagement actions” than slow-loading sites. Here “engagement actions” comprises a variety of behaviors, including calls, emails, SMS clicks and form fills.



    21 Apr 2017

    5 Tips to Overhaul Your SEO Strategy for Voice Search

    SEO is a perennial challenge. Knowing what exactly Google is looking for in determining search rankings has never been overtly clear, but there were certain areas we knew how to focus on such as design, security and content. However, with the growing importance of voice search, there may be some new areas of concern. Here are some tips on how to get ready. 



    28 Mar 2017

    For Web Developers, Speed Is the New SEO

    The world has gone mobile, that's nothing new. But now, people have want fast sites. See why web developers should be considering page speed as the new SEO and how top site builders like WordPress and Duda stack up in the argument. 


    The Huffington Post

    20 Mar 2017

    Can Website Builders Achieve A Perfect Speed Score?

    Page speed takes center stage in this article as the author explores the importance of page speed has become more of a necessity in a mobile world and how Duda is taking on the challenge of making every site hit high numbers in Google's PageSpeed test. 



    15 Mar 2017

    How to Optimize Your Site to Convert More Leads

    Increasing conversion is one thing that all website owners want and there are a lot of ways to do just that. One way that few people have taken the time to do on their site is to optimize for better page speed. 


    The Next Web

    08 Mar 2017

    From Usain to Google: Why Speed Matters For Your Business

    Page speed matters. People want faster sites and the sites that give them what they want are the ones that will win. This article on The Next Web looks at the top five site builders including Duda's Responsive Website builder to see who these platforms deliver when it comes to page speed. 


    Tweak Your Biz

    10 Feb 2017

    5 Tools Bootstrapped Businesses Use to Slash Costs

    Unlike WordPress, Duda is a versatile web builder that is ideal for small businesses. Whereas WordPress charges additional fees for basic services such as themes and plugins. Duda is a much better alternative and cost-effective solution for developing small business websites than WordPress.


    Retail Dive

    02 Feb 2017

    Moving Beyond The Mobile-Friendly Conversation

    When Google announced in early 2016 that 85 percent of the search results returned on mobile devices were now mobile-friendly and dropped its mobile-friendly tag, it became apparent that marketing and Web professionals needed to stop telling marketers to go mobile. It is time to move the conversation forward, and talk about what marketers really need to find success on the Web.


    The Next Web

    02 Feb 2017

    4 Ways to Build a Business Without Going Bankrupt

    There are a lot of expenses for a business and if left unchecked, they can stack up and leave a company in the red. The Next Web mentions how it's possible to save by switching to a website builder including a real-life example of how one digital agency switched to Duda and saved 600% in out-of-pocket expenses. 



    03 Jan 2017

    Tech Innovations in Web Design: 3 Best Alternatives to Wordpress

    Engadget explores alternatives to WordPress for small business sites and list Duda as a top choice. 


    PC Magazine

    29 Mar 2017

    The Best Website Builders of 2017

    After a recent review of Duda's Responsive Website Builder, it was awarded the Editor's Choice at PC Magazine.



    The WHIR

    17 Feb 2017

    Website Builder Duda Opens London Office to Support EMEA Growth

    Website builder Duda is opening an office in London to support its high-volume partners in Europe, the Middle East and Asia (EMEA). The Silicon Valley-based company announced that responsive websites created on its platform have grown by 200 percent year-over-year, necessitating the expansion.


    Smart Insights

    22 Sep 2016

    Why Mobile Design Should Matter to SMB Marketers

    Technology has revolutionized communication and changed the face of doing business in modern times. Computers, tablets, and smartphones – which were initially used to surf the net, stream videos and chat online – have become key business tools. Mobile devices are becoming ever more crucial, now that they account for over half of all web traffic. But how does a small business use the latest mobile design to grow its business?


      The Huffington Post

      07 Sep 2016

      WordPress Is Great, But It’s Not Always The Best Solution

      There are a lot of great choices out there for building a website. And while many decide that WordPress is the way to go, others may want the superior product that is Duda's website builder.


      MarTech Advisor

      02 Sep 2016

      3 Reasons Your Marketing Agency Should Integrate with a Website Builder API (and What to Expect When You Do)

      Some of the most useful, but arguably under-utilized tech tools for marketing success – APIs – can help agencies provide clients with more efficient and cost-effective solutions. Itai Sadan, CEO and Co-Founder, Duda helps marketers find out how a Website Builder API can create cash flow, as well as offer clients an added benefit.



      15 Jun 2016

      A Personal Touch Matters in Your Store and Online

      Duda is at the forefront of mobile web design and responsive web builders.


      American City Business Journal

      24 Jun 2016

      Mobile page speed matters: How to optimize image delivery

      Duda CEO Itai Sadan talks about the importance of website speed as pertaining to images. Solutions to issues with images include using multiple servers, lossy compression, and resizing the images themselves.



      08 Jul 2016

      Five Minutes With: Itai Sadan, CEO and Cofounder of Duda

      Itai Sadan sits down to discuss the ins and outs of website building, particularly for small business owners, and the future of personalized websites.


      CMS Critic

      07 Jul 2016

      Duda Teams Up With Let's Encrypt, Gives All Users Free SSL Certificates

      Duda became the first website builder to offer SSL Certificates – at no additional cost – as an integrated part of the platform. The need for a secure internet continues to grow in importance for both website owners and consumers.



      20 Jun 2016

      Why Website Personalization Can Have a Big Impact on Conversions

      Personalizing website content for specific users can help drive conversions, and more marketers are turning to personalization to present web visitors with the content that appeals to their needs.



      22 Jun 2016

      15 Technologies Bringing Innovation to the Enterprise

      Duda is innovating the website building industry. Plug an old site into Duda and you get a redesigned, modern site within minutes. Enter a web address into Duda Mobile and out comes a new version of the site, specifically designed for mobile devices. Or, design a personalized and responsive site from scratch--no coding skills necessary.



      23 Jun 2016

      How an Entrepreneur With an Idea Can Develop Technical Expertise

      It is no longer necessary for small business owners and entrepreneurs to have coding or technical skills to build a complex and personalized website for a cheap price tag.


      Marketing & Growth Hacking

      12 Jun 2016

      20 Experts on How Website Personalization Affects Conversion

      Have you considered using website personalization to increase conversions on your website? From special sale popups to inviting a mobile user to stop by since they are in the area, there are dozens of ways you can personalize your website to your user based on a variety of factors.



      23 May 2016

      11 Deadly Mistakes Everyone Makes That Kill SEO and Conversion

      When looking to set up a website, most of us are rather linear in our approach.We pick a platform, put together a color scheme, figure out some fonts that fit into our brand’s style, slap a logo on the website and call it good. However, after you start learning more about SEO, mobile-friendly design, and conversion, there is a tendency to step back and take a look at your site in a new perspective.


      Website Magazine

      09 Jun 2016

      Go responsive! Make the move now. Responsive is the only way to go if you want to make Google happy.

      How many times have you heard or read something like that recently? With Mobilegeddon 2 (a.k.a. Google Algo) now in full effect, the race to move to responsive is once again on everyone’s mind. Without a doubt, making the move to a site that is mobile-friendly is unquestionable.



      30 May 2016

      Why Your Company Needs to Focus on Mobile Design

      Since the original iPhone was unleashed on the world nearly a decade ago, the rise of mobile devices has taken users and the internet by storm.


      The Huffington Post

      28 Mar 2016

      Top 5 Questions Marketing Agencies Have About Website Personalization

      It’s not exactly a revolutionary concept — the more personalized an experience someone has with a business, the more likely they are to buy something. Normally this involves a face-to-face interaction, but really, you can apply it to any touchpoint between the proprietor of a business and a potential customer.


      Small Buisness Trends

      16 May 2016

      20 Free Website Builders For Small Business

      In this day and age, it’s nearly impossible for a small business to succeed without establishing some sort of digital presence. Unfortunately, not every would-be entrepreneur is a digital guru — and not every start-up can afford to spend money on a shiny, new website.


      CMS Wire

      07 Apr 2016

      Website Personalization: Small Changes With Big Impact

      Every web professional dreams of providing clients with a website that displays hyper-relevant, dynamic content, that drives engagement and conversion every time a visitor lands on the site.


      USA Today

      20 Apr 2015

      Mobilegeddon' could be bad news for 40% of top websites

      Article Excerpt: Just over half of all searches done on Google are now performed through mobile devices...



      16 Apr 2015

      Google Embraces ‘Mobile-Friendly’ Sites in Search Shake-Up

      Article Excerpt: It’s probably the most significant change that Google Inc. has ever made to its mobile search rankings...


      Daily News

      16 Apr 2015

      Google to favor mobile-friendly websites in new search engine formula

      Article Excerpt: Google is about to change the way its influential search engine recommends websites on smartphones and tablets in a shift that's expected to sway where millions of people shop, eat and find information.



      16 Apr 2015

      Google embraces ‘mobile-friendly’ sites in search shake-up

      Article Excerpt: “Some sites are going to be in for a big surprise when they find a drastic change in the amount of people visiting them from mobile devices,” said Itai Sadan, CEO of website-building service Duda.


      USA Today

      20 Apr 2015

      5 things to know about 'Mobilegeddon’

      Article Excerpt: In USA TODAY tests this week, we found many popular websites for brand names like California Pizza Kitchen, M&Ms, Coco's restaurant and See's Candy failed the Google "Mobile-friendly" test.


      Search Engine Land

      01 Apr 2015

      Run For Your Life, Chicken Little — The Google Mobilegeddon Is Coming!becoming mobile-friendly:

      Article Excerpt: Businesses have three main options to becoming mobile-friendly: responsive website design, dynamic serving, and separate URLs.


      Press Release

      19 Nov 2011

      Online Holiday Shopping to be a Small Business Windfall

      Article excerpt: Nearly one in three small business owners expect more than a quarter of their holiday sales to be online.


      SitePro News

      07 May 2014

      Company Gives Businesses inSite to Their Sites

      Article excerpt: A personalized website could make all the difference for businesses and there’s now a new tool ensuring customers have the best experience possible when visiting a site.


      CMS Critic

      04 Aug 2014

      Duda Launches inSite: a Personalized User Experience Tool

      Article excerpt: Duda, a do-it-yourself website builder for web professionals and small businesses, has launched inSite , an easy to use new tool within its DudaOne platform.


      How Design

      04 Aug 2014

      Responsive Content: Targeting Your Target

      Article excerpt: Effectively targeting your consumer or target market is no small task. How about designing web content that tailors specific advertisements and news to different visitors, based on their individual needs and interests?


      Website Magazine

      07 May 2014

      Duda Offers DIY Personalization, Partner Program

      Article excerpt: Duda is looking to shake up the DIY website building industry, as the popular platform has just launched a new tool that enables users to deliver personalized experiences to their website visitors.


      CMS Critic

      04 Aug 2014

      Interview with Itai Sadan, Co-founder & CEO of Duda

      Article excerpt: I recently had the pleasure of asking Duda's Co-founder and CEO Itai Sadan a few questions about the history of Duda, what the platform is capable of, and where he sees the website building industry heading.



      13 Jul 2014

      Create a Mobile Version of Your Website With DudaMobile

      Article excerpt: Introducing, DudaMobile! DudaMobile is an award-winning DIY service for building mobile websites. It currently has more than five million mobile websites created on its platform with users creating an additional 100,000 websites per month.


      Huffington Post

      10 Jul 2014

      May 10,000 Cloud Startups Bloom

      Article excerpt: The cloud services market has fueled a boom of immensely successful startups, most of which have raised millions in venture funding.


      Business News Daily

      02 Jul 2014

      4 Free Mobile Website Makers for Small Businesses

      Article excerpt: Does your business have a mobile website yet? If not, it's missing out on some serious opportunity for growth and new customers.


      Austin Business Journal

      09 May 2014

      Buda businesses get online boost from Web platform company Duda

      Article excerpt: Thanks to its proximity to Austin and the South By Southwest Interactive festival, the city of Buda’s business community got a free online boost from a California tech company. Web optimization platform company Duda — and its catchy 'Duda Loves Buda' campaign — provided every small business in the small community south of Austin with a new website designed for both desktop and mobile users.



      07 May 2014

      Website of the Week

      Article excerpt: MSNBC highlights Duda for being an easy way to create a small business website.



      24 Feb 2014

      Easy mobile website builder Duda expands to all platforms

      Article excerpt: The new platform boasts that it can create a multi-screen website that will work on multiple devices in one click by pulling existing content from your old website, social networks and online listings, and carry features like Click-to-Call, maps and directions, coupons and OpenTable reservations.



      04 Feb 2014

      7 Tools for Creating an Optimized Mobile Website

      Article excerpt: Come on, be honest with yourself. Is your website really giving your visitors an optimized, intuitive experience? Or are you still serving mobile visitors a site that was designed for desktop?


      ad:tech New York

      05 Nov 2013


      DudaMobile announced Non-Profit Program, giving verified 501(c)(3) organizations a free Premium mobile website for life. DudaMobile's Alan Keller announced the program exclusively at Ad:Tech New York's Press Briefing.



      03 Nov 2013

      DudaMobile Launches White Label Platform, Shares Engagement Stats

      Speaking with Screenwerk's Greg Sterling, DudaMobile CEO Itai Sadan talks about Duda's white label platform DudaWhite and astonishing engagement stats from its customers.



      28 Oct 2013


      DudaMobile launches new tools for developers including DudaAPI, allowing Duda Partners and developers to seamlessly integrate the mobile platform into their own website.


      Small Business Computing

      22 Oct 2013

      DudaMobile Delivers Mobile-optimized Websites in Seconds

      Article excerpt: Mobile websites are no longer nice-to-have, they are an absolute must-have, argues Ray Almeda DudaMobile's public relations manager. When they're on the move, consumers don't want to have to squint into a smartphone to hunt for an address, pricing information or a contact number. According to the company, 80 percent of consumers won't stick around if a site provides a bad experience.


      Mobile Excellence Awards

      26 Aug 2013

      DudaMobile awarded Best Technology Breakthrough at Mobile Excellence Awards in Hollywood

      DudaMobile receives the prestigious award alongside VIP guests at the Ritz Carlton in Marina Del Rey, CA. DudaMobile was also nominated in two other categories, including Best Mobile Innovator and Industry Star.


      The Huffington Post

      10 Oct 2013

      Preparing Your Online Presence for the Holiday Rush

      Huffington Post talks about the 17.4 percent of global web traffic that comes from mobile and mentions DudaMobile as a simple service to convert an existing website into a mobile site.



      30 Sep 2013

      DudaMobile CEO discusses relevancy of business plans in today's dynamic market conditions

      Are business plans relevant in today's dynamic market conditions? DudaMobile CEO Itai Sadan talks with Rhea Gaur about the importance of building a sound business plan and aligning it with your original vision.


      Web Host Industry Review

      23 Sep 2013

      DreamHost Taps DudaMobile for Mobile Website Builder

      DreamHost announces a partnership with DudaMobile to provide WYSIWYG mobile tools for its new approach in supporting mobile websites.


      Mobile Merit Awards

      02 May 2013

      DudaMobile Awarded Runner-Up in the 2013 Mobile Merit Awards

      DudaMobile is awarded Runner-Up for the Social Responsibility/Emerging Markets category for the 2013 Mobile Merit Awards. The Mobile Merit Awards recognizes companies, individuals, and technologies that have shaped the way in which the world communicates today.


      Website Magazine

      01 Sep 2013

      DudaMobile named #1 Mobile Design Tool in 2013's Top Mobile Movers & Shakers

      Website Magazine releases its 2013 Top Mobile Movers & Shakers list and names DudaMobile the #1 Mobile Design Tool for 2013



      02 May 2016

      TopTenREVIEWS Awards DudaMobile the #1 Mobile Website Builder for 2013

      DudaMobile receives a TopTenREVIEWS Excellence Award and perfect score as the #1 Mobile Website Builder for 2013.


      The Boston Globe

      11 Aug 2013

      DudaMobile Launched New White Label Platform for Partners

      DudaMobile launches DudaWhite! Partners are able to add their own branding to Duda's award-winning site editor, helping their clients transition to the mobile web with a plethora of sales and marketing tools that have already benefited thousands of satisfied resellers.



      17 Jul 2013

      DudaMobile Selected by AlwaysOn as One of the AlwaysOn Global 250 Companies to Watch

      Inclusion in the AlwaysOn Global 250 Companies to Watch signifies leadership amongst its peers and game-changing approaches and technologies that are likely to disrupt existing markets and entrenched players.


      USA Today

      03 Jun 2013

      Small business gets boost from mobile marketing

      Mobile search and shopping options have advanced to where customers can be located and served ads based by zip code, address and even the road they currently are driving on.


      The Wall Street Journal

      18 Apr 2013

      Constant Contact to Host Apps & Apps Events in Oakland and San Francisco

      4/25 and 5/16 Events to Help Small Businesses and Nonprofits Achieve Success with Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Apps and Integrations



      08 Apr 2013

      Big Money For Little Sites: Mobile Website Maker DudaMobile Raises Another Round, Extends Series B By $10.3 Million

      Mobile website maker Dudamobile has just raised another round, following a busy 2012 which saw the service grow to 4 millionmobile sites, the introduction of new partnerships, and a major overhaul of its site builder product. The funding, an extension to its $6 million Series B from last spring, bring in $10.3 million in new funding, led by previous investors Israeli-based Pitango Venture Capital and Oren's Capital.


      The Huffington Post

      31 Mar 2012

      What's Next From the Israeli Tech Community?

      It's no secret that Israel has become one of the world's most important technology epicenters. While the tiny Middle Eastern country was best known in the 90's as a robust producer of hardware (semi conductors, chips and the likes) - and then became known for software (particularly for the enterprise) around the dot com boom - the Israeli tech scene today is blossoming and foraying into many new, exciting niches.



      18 Feb 2013

      Google Boot Camp: Bottom Line

      DudaMobile was featured on Bloomberg TV as part of a segment about Google Boot Camp. Go to 24:04 to view our segment.


      The Washington Post

      14 Feb 2013

      Google, Intuit push small business owners to create web presence

      For the 42 percent of small businesses who do have Websites, only a small minority have sites specifically designed for mobile access, Levitan added. Google partnered with DudaMobile, a Palo Alto-based software company helping desktop sites transition to mobile-friendly versions.


      Inc. Magazine

      10 Feb 2013

      Help Your Business Get Social: 3 Free Tools

      Back in the day, you'd have to hire a Web designer to develop your mobile site. Not anymore. The folks at Dudamobile have created a platform that makes it really easy to create a great-looking mobile version of your website, no design expertise required.



      14 Nov 2012

      Go Daddy Goes Mobile: Domain Hosting Giant Bumps Up Its Business Services With Mobile Website Builder And Mobile Commerce Option

      Go Daddy has for a while been building out its domain registering and hosting business into business services to create new revenue streams to compete against the likes of Google and Amazon in serving the small/medium business sector, and today that strategy took a mobile turn, with the launch of a new mobile component to its Website Builder service. Go Daddy customers can now optimize websites for the mobile web, or create new ones altogether, and they can also now add in mobile commerce services as part of that process.



      14 Nov 2012

      DudaMobile Announces SMB Mobile Sites Deal with Yahoo

      As one of the features of its small business suite of services (e.g., webhosting), Yahoo is now making mobile websites available through DudaMobile. This is a coup for DudaMobile, which already has similar partnerships with Google and with OpenTable.



      07 Nov 2012

      Preparing Your Clients for Mobile on WordPress Sites

      More and more readers are finding their news on their mobile devices rather than by PC or Laptop, so it is vital that your clients have their content ready for mobile readers.


      Mobile Entertainment

      30 Oct 2012

      OPINION: Six tips to get more from mobile ads

      David Glickman, VP of advertising solutions for DudaMobile, offers advice to small businesses that want to acquire better leads and more sales through mobile search advertising.



      25 Oct 2012

      DudaMobile: Now with Mobile Search Ads

      Leading SMB mobile website provider DudaMobile has added advertising to its services.


      New York Times

      15 Oct 2012

      OpenTable Bringing Restaurant Sites Mobile Booking

      To boost online restaurant reservations and keep pace with mobile technology, OpenTable, the largest online reservation system, is offering to upgrade restaurant Web sites that are part of its paying membership. The upgrade will make it easier for customers to book tables using their phones.


      Mobile Entertainment

      15 Oct 2012

      Four tips to create a rich mobile web experience in less than an hour

      Cody Zimmer, partner manager for DudaMobile, shares insider tricks and tips on how service providers can make the most of Duda’s mobile website builder.


      Mobile Entertainment

      03 Sep 2012

      Opinion: Why local businesses must go mobile

      Itai Sadan, co-founder and CEO of DudaMobile, shares why Duda is on a mission to educate small and medium-sized businesses about the need to go mobile.



      02 Sep 2012

      Boxee, Anobit, DudaMobile Backer Pitango Closes $150M In Newest $250M Fund

      Israel’s Pitango — backers of Boxee, Anobit (now part of Apple), fring, mySupermarket, and many other startups — is gearing up for a new round of investment activity: the venture capital firm has announced a $150 million first closing on its latest fund.



      22 Jul 2012

      Does Your Gas Station Have A Mobile Site Too?

      Last month I got a big surprise from my local gas station.It wasn’t just that the price of gas had significantly dropped (contrary to what so many of the forecasters were saying earlier this year).


      Website Magazine

      30 Jun 2012

      Top 50 Mobile Movers & Shakers

      Mavens and pundits across the ’Net have been waiting (for what seems like years, by our count) for the day to arrive when a mobile presence took priority over a desktop/ Web presence.


      Mobile Entertainment

      30 Jun 2012

      Four tips to create a rich mobile web experience in less than an hour

      Cody Zimmer, partner manager for DudaMobile, shares insider tricks and tips on how service providers can make the most of Duda’s mobile website builder.


      Mobile Entertainment

      03 Sep 2012

      Opinion: Why local businesses must go mobile

      Itai Sadan, co-founder and CEO of DudaMobile, shares why Duda is on a mission to educate small and medium-sized businesses about the need to go mobile.



      02 Sep 2012

      Boxee, Anobit, DudaMobile Backer Pitango Closes $150M In Newest $250M Fund

      Israel’s Pitango — backers of Boxee, Anobit (now part of Apple), fring, mySupermarket, and many other startups — is gearing up for a new round of investment activity: the venture capital firm has announced a $150 million first closing on its latest fund.



      22 Jul 2012

      Does Your Gas Station Have A Mobile Site Too?

      Last month I got a big surprise from my local gas station.It wasn’t just that the price of gas had significantly dropped (contrary to what so many of the forecasters were saying earlier this year).