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Website Personalization Made Easy

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01 Triggers
Activate personalizations with triggers such as time of day, geolocation, number of visits and more.
02 Actions
Choose from ready-made actions such as popups and notification bars, or create your own action.
03 Conversions
Engage visitors by showing customized actions at the right time, and watch conversion rates soar.
We had a 70% increase in conversion by simply adding a personalization rule that triggered a notification bar during Restaurant Week.
Andrew Fritz
Owner of The Gladly
Ideas for Conversion-Boosting Site Personalizations

Choose from ready-made rules
or create your own.

How does website personalization work?
Personalization rules work on a system of triggers and actions. When the conditions of a trigger are met, an action occurs that personalizes the website for that visitor.
What triggers activate website personalizations?
You can use any of the following triggers, or a combination of these triggers, to activate a rule: time (based on the time and date a visitors comes to the site), number of visits (based on the number of visits a visitor has made to the site), location (based on visitor’s geolocation), device (desktop, tablet or mobile) and dedicated URL (e.g., ad campaign).
What actions can be triggered?
The list of actions that can be triggered is literally endless. You can: display a popup that promotes a sale, features a signup form, invites feedback, etc.; display a notification bar at the top of your site announcing an event, promotion, etc.; add special effects such as falling hearts or snowflakes to make your site more fun or festive; add new content that contains buttons, text, images, and custom HTML. You can also create a custom action by executing your own JavaScript code.
How do I know which rule will be triggered?
The higher a rule is on the list, the higher priority it has. Only one type of action can be triggered at a time on a single page. This means that if you’ve added two actions to a page that have conflicting triggers (for examples, two actions for the same time), the action that is higher on the list will be triggered.
Will personalization rules make my site load slower?
Not at all. When content is added to your site using website personalization, it is done through JavaScript after the page loads. This means that the rule is only triggered after all of your primary content has loaded.
How does the location trigger work?
Set the location trigger according to a city or zip code and the action will occur when the visitor is within a 50-kilometer (31-mile) radius of that location. Visitor location is detected according to their IP address, which is compared with a known list of locations for that IP address. Location lookup is done in real-time, and not stored by Duda.
How can an action be added to all pages of a site?
To add an action to all pages of a site, select “Display to all visitors”.