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Here you can find an exhaustive list of everything our platform can do.

  • Members-Only Content

    Create membership plans that include members-only site pages. Restrict specific content based on your needs.

  • Sell Content-Based Subscriptions

    Generate a recurring income with paid membership. Create subscription-based membership plans to offer exclusive content and generate revenue.

  • Customizable Login Page

    It’s totally up to you how to customize the login page. Keep the automatic display of the site’s Global Design or make any changes you like.

  • A Built-in Capability

    Membership is part of the Duda platform and is fully embeddable with any Duda website. You don’t need to deal with code, integrations, or additional plugins.

  • Member Management

    Track and manage members directly from the Site Overview tab or the side panel of the editor.

  • Easy Membership Signup

    By simply adding a signup button to your site and connecting it to a membership plan, members can sign up and start enjoying exclusive content. Choose from approval-based membership or an open membership for all registered users.

  • Multi-purpose Setting

    Use membership to build communities, keep corporate content restricted for internal initiatives, and deliver professional content for closed groups.

  • Multiple & Secure Login Options

    Members can sign in via email or use Google sign up or Okta, for advanced authentication.

  • Personalized Content

    Connect to Duda’s API to offer exclusive content at the individual level from content stored on your servers. Build customized widgets to deliver the content to your members, based on their information.