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Here you can find an exhaustive list of everything our platform can do.

  • Dynamic Pages

    Speed up your site-building process by creating multiple pages based on a single design and filled with content stored in Internal Collections inside the editor, or in external collections.

  • Internal Collections

    Manage content, including text, images, addresses and more, directly inside the editor. Connect your collections to Dynamic Pages to instantly create multiple pages based on a single design.

  • Ready-to-Use Dynamic Pages

    These pages are already connected to a dataset that is managed directly from the editor. Available for real estate listings, company team pages, blank pages, and more.

  • External Collections

    Connect a Google sheet or Airtable to Dynamic Pages (no code required!) or with any other external database using Duda’s robust API. Every time the data is updated, your site updates automatically.

  • API Documentation

    Build and manage Dynamic Pages without even entering the platform via API calls. For full documentation, see this.

  • Any page can be a Dynamic Page

    You can convert an existing site page to make it dynamic or start from scratch, designing a page that’s dynamic right from the start.