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Duda vs. Wix

Learn why agencies are choosing Duda in 2021
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Duda vs. Wix side-by-side comparison for agencies

Here are the key features every successful agency needs in order to scale in 2020 and which website builder platform equips you with them:

White label
White label dashboard, editor, stats, analytics, emails, and preview links to support the agency brand.
No white label option. Wix's brand will remain on all tools.
Client and team management tools
Enhanced team-client collaboration with custom roles and permissions, Site Comments and more.
Wix offers basic, limited tools.
Site export and portability
You are free to export site code and content anytime.
Wix does not support site export.
Revenue stream control
You set the prices you charge your customers for your services; the Duda plan you pay for is not exposed to the end client.
Your clients will be shown Wix's pricing and, if the account is in their name, the client will be billed by Wix.
Duda has pricing plans that become more attractive for agencies with multiple clients.
Wix charges per site, per month.
Top-notch customer support with a satisfaction rate of 98%.
Most support handled through searching an online knowledge base.
Data-driven site content
Duda can connect to internal or external databases & populate site elements.
Data integrations through custom code.
Access to code when needed
Edit any site element's JavaScript, HTML or CSS in Developer Mode.
Limited access to a few components through the native editor; minimal ability to edit code unless experienced with Corvid.
The Duda platform is designed and built to be aligned with Google's recommended practices for speed, security, Lighthouse, and SEO.
Wix has basic on-page SEO capabilities for modifying meta tags, setting canonical URLs, and other basic SEO features.

White label options: Which one lets your agency brand shine?

Duda's fully white label-enabled platform allows your web agency to use its web design tools completely under your brand. You can provide your clients with a cohesive user experience by adding your logo and colors to Duda's editor, preview tools, stats emails, dashboard and white-label marketing materials.

As of early 2020, Wix does not have any published white label capabilities in their platform. This means that sites developed for clients will feature Wix branding instead of the branding of your agency

duda white label options
duda client management dashboard

Client management: Can you manage multiple clients from a single dashboard?

Duda's Client Management dashboard allows your agency to manage all of your clients from one place. You can easily check a client's profile, set permissions, keep track of leads and more for a smoother, more efficient workflow.

While the Wix "My Sites" page supports multiple sites in the same Wix account, they all roll up to the same account owner. This feature is useful if a single individual manages multiple sites for themselves, but is not sufficient for an agency that manages dozens or hundreds of websites for their clients across multiple domains

Team management: How do you set up different access levels for different client roles?

Duda's team and client management tools are built to streamline the agency-client collaboration process. An agency's clients can manage their own sites while the agency retains control over the level of access clients have to the underlying Duda platform. Duda supports the creation of custom roles and permissions.

Wix has rudimentary role-based access to a website through their "contributor" settings. However, only one single individual can work in a Wix site at a time. Concurrent access is unsupported.

duda team management illustration
client and designer collaborating with duda site comments

Approval workflows: What workflows exist for client content review and approval?

Duda's Site Comments feature enables your team members and clients to have a real-time dialogue as you build websites. Each comment is linked to a specific site element, and will trigger a notification via email for faster review and approval. That way, you can handle all communication from one convenient location - the website being built.

Wix sites support a "Get Feedback" mechanism that allows a designer to share a link to the site with a client for feedback. Comments can be left in the Get Feedback interface, through which the client can leave virtual "sticky notes" for the designer. After reviewing the feedback, the designer can mark each bit of feedback as "resolved".

Site portability: Can you export site code and content

Once built, any Duda site can be exported and downloaded at any time. This can be done on-demand using the built-in Duda site export feature. Every site export contains a zip file with the editor preview HTML, CSS and images of the site in a format that can be installed on your external web server.

According to Wix's support page, "Your Wix site and all of its content is hosted exclusively on Wix's servers, and cannot be exported elsewhere."

This means that once you are on Wix, you are locked into that platform.

site portability with exports of content images and code
pricetag illustrating that agencies can set their own prices

Revenue stream control: Can you set your own prices for hosting and related services?

You get to choose the best Duda plan for your agency account (which is kept strictly confidential) and you have full control to set the prices you charge your customers for your own web design services.

In comparison, on Wix sites, payment goes directly from the account owner to Wix, and prices are set by Wix. Since Wix currently cannot be white-labeled, Wix controls the prices, payment, and relationship with the whomever is paying the bill for the account

Multi-site pricing: How does pricing compare for managing dozens of sites or more?

For agencies needing to build websites at scale, Duda provides a cost-effective solution. For example, the Duda Agency plan, which supports up to four client websites, is priced at $44/mo. Additionally, since Duda sites can often be built in a fraction of the time it would take on other platforms, agency costs related to production time may be reduced as well.

Wix websites are priced per website. For eight websites, the Wix cost would be $176/mo* if one selected the Wix "best value" Pro plan which is priced at $22/mo per website. The cost goes up to $319/mo* on Wix for eight websites if one chooses their VIP plan to get access to priority support.

multisite pricing illustration
designers on couch with duda support helping them

Support: How does Duda and Wix support compare?

Duda's support has a 98% customer satisfaction rate, with rapid response times in every channel. For agencies with larger numbers of sites on Duda, a team of dedicated Account Managers and product experts are ready to provide further assistance, according to your site volume.

All Duda customers have access to a large community of fellow partners, hosting developers, agency owners and pros.

Wix offers an online self-help knowledge base for support questions on their support site. If the online answers are insufficient, Wix does offer phone and ticket based support as well

Data-driven site content: Can sites be driven from databases, Google Sheets, or Airtable?

Duda's Content Library allows your agency to connect site elements to data pulled from a content collection form, or from an internal or external database such as Google Sheets or Airtable, with no coding required.

While some advanced technical Wix users have connected Airtable and other data integrations through custom code, this is not a native part of the Wix platform

dynamic data connecting website to a database
data-driven site cloning example

Template and data-driven page and site cloning: Can similar pages and sites be deployed quickly?

Duda sites can be duplicated from an agency's dashboard with a single click. The Dynamic Pages feature enables you to build multiple web pages from data by connecting a database such as Google Sheets or Airtable to a master layout and widgets. This feature is ideal for creating sites containing multiple pages that have the same structure but different content such as real estate listings, catalogs and landing pages.

Wix supports basic cloning of sites. These cloned sites can either stay within the same master account, or be transferred to another account using the transfer feature

Sites designed to convert: What level of end-user personalization is available?

Duda's Personalization Engine enables your agency to enhance every client's site with conversion-boosting elements such as pop-ups, clicks-to-call and more based on site visit and site visitor criteria such as date, time and location. These elements can be triggered through a variety of rules based on campaign tracking codes, user device type, and other information.

Wix does not include any rule-based triggers for personalization based on site visit or site visitor traits.

end user personalization reference example
seo image with magnifying glass

SEO: Which website builder handles SEO better?

The Duda platform is designed and built to be aligned with Google's recommended practices for speed, security, and SEO. This includes fast content rendering for higher Google Lighthouse test scores, intuitive access to on-page SEO settings such as keywords and descriptions, automatic SSL encryption and sitemap generation for every Duda-built site.

In recent years, Wix has added basic on-page SEO capabilities for modifying meta tags, setting canonical URLs, and other basic SEO features.

Access to code: How deeply can you get into the underlying HTML, CSS, JavaScript?

Duda's Developer Mode gives you access to view, edit and change your website's HTML, CSS and JavaScript for advanced customization when desired.

Standard Wix sites do not allow designer or developer access to the underlying code that drives the Wix site. As such, agencies are not able to modify or optimize fundamental code elements like CSS or JavaScript on standard Wix websites. Wix has recently added a more detailed development environment called Corvid that does make some developer-level features available.

duda code access superimposed over website

The Duda vs. Wix VERDICT

Either Duda or Wix can be used to create a beautiful website for DIY purposes, but the two website builder platforms diverge when one looks at agency-specific needs and workflows. For agencies that intend to scale, only Duda has designed-in features for robust client management, pricing that scales attractively for the agency use case, and white-label options that enable the agency itself to be the focus of the relationship with its clients

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