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Offer Your Clients a Super Simple Way to Build DIY Websites

The Simple Editor is a tool that allows each and every one of your clients to build a beautiful and powerful website all on their own.

For Agencies For SaaS
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Get clients one step closer to launching their website

Empower clients to build top-performing websites independently and hassle-free, with zero chance for error, using a simple DIY website builder.

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Predesigned Look & Feel

Provide professional layouts that include a selection of themes, color palettes and fonts.

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Fully responsive and ready to go

Deliver a highly-converting, great-looking website on any device.

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Editing made simple

Allow customers to effortlessly edit website content like text and images, and see changes in real-time.

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website builder platform

Reap all the benefits of a top-performing platform

The Simple Editor is built on Duda’s award-winning platform, so your clients will enjoy a highly secure and stable infrastructure with industry-leading SEO and performance capabilities.

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Easily create a flow that works for your customers

Since you know your customers best, you can access the Simple Editor through the admin account and easily configure the whole flow for them.

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manage your diy website

Manage & create

Create a simple editor flow, from onboarding through editing, to suit your preferences. You can control the order of elements and hide items you don't want your customers to see. In the future, you will also be able to design your own sections, themes, and onboarding steps.

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Whether you’re an agency or a SaaS provider, The Simple Editor will help you reach scale faster.

website builder platform

For Agencies

Turn users into long-term clients that drive revenue for your business.

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diy webiste builder platform
Build Strong Relationships

Introduce potential clients to your services so you can nurture them until they are ready to grow their business with you.

Expand Your Business Offering

Offer a wider price range with a product that can attract new clients with different needs and expectations.

Drive Interest with a Sneak Peak

Introduce premium or complementary services to engaged clients who need your help transforming their Do It Yourself websites into conversion engines.

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For SaaS Providers

Make it easy for your clients to go online with low-effort, low-maintenance Do It Yourself websites.

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Grow Customer Satisfaction

Ensure clients have everything they need to maintain a winning digital presence with easy-to-build websites.

Expand Reach and Grow Revenue

Watch revenue go up by opening your business to new clients who will now be able to publish their websites with greater speed and ease.

Reduce Support Costs

Deliver a simple and smooth do it yourself website building experience to customers, reducing support efforts to a minimum.

Focus On What You Do Best

With Duda by your side, you can focus on your business without investing vast resources into building and maintaining client websites.

Ready to give customers a super simple way to build websites?


Can I use both the Duda editor and Simple Editor?
Duda's Simple Editor is an easy DIY website builder built on the Duda platform. Clients who prefer the Duda editor can easily move their designs from the Simple Editor to Duda's editor and keep editing it until they are satisfied with the final result.
Does building a website with the Simple Editor make it quicker and easier to use by my clients?
The Simple Editor leaves no room for error and helps your customers easily build the best DIY website.
We make the process of website creation easy by providing professional layouts that include a selection of themes, color palettes, and fonts, allowing your customers to effortlessly edit website content like text and images, and see changes in real-time.
Can anyone give the Simple Editor to their client to build a beautiful DIY website?
Customers on custom plans can offer their clients the Simple Editor flow.
Does it require any coding skills?
Implementing the Simple Editor won’t take too much time or effort, and will make building and maintaining your site a breeze.
How do I start?
Click here to reach out to us. We will get you set up in no time.
Can my clients build a DIY eCommerce store?
The Simple Editor doesn’t currently support eCommerce stores, but we plan on adding this option in the future.
You can always offer your customers an easy start and move them to Duda’s editor when they are ready to add the store.

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Simple Editor is a premium feature included in Duda’s Custom Plan.