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Here you can find an exhaustive list of everything our platform can do.

  • Content Import

    Build websites faster than ever by easily pulling all of a client’s content from a website or Facebook page directly into the Content Library.

  • Content Collection Form

    Never wait on a customer’s content again. Send them a branded collection form with instructions on how they can send you exactly what you need to create their perfect website.

  • External Data Sync

    Optimize your workflow by syncing site content with an external data set connected via our API. Any time you update info in your source of truth, our platform will automatically push the change to any connected widget on a site

  • Connect to Widgets

    Text blocks, images and addresses are just some of the widgets you can now connect to the Content Library for easy data management all in one place. See all Connectectable Widgets

  • Web-Wide Accuracy

    If you manage all of your clients’ online info from one data set, Duda enables you to include their website as a synced location for easier web-wide accuracy. API access required.

  • Business Information

    Gather all of a client’s business information in text form, including name, phone number, address, text blocks, social media profiles and more, in one convenient place. This content can be connected to widgets and locations across the website for easy updating.

  • Create Collections

    Add entire collections of business images with their titles and descriptions to the Content Library. You can connect this data to photo galleries, image sliders, background images, list widgets and more.

  • Manage Images

    Duda’s Content Management tools enable you to manage and save all of a client’s images inside the Content Library. You can access the Image Picker to select from free and premium images, upload your own and sort them into folders.

  • Manage Files

    Consolidate any and all files related to a client’s business in one convenient location inside the Content Library.

  • Manage Form Responses

    Easily view, manage and delete responses from visitors that submitted a contact form on a client’s website.