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Duda is a collective

Made up of warm, approachable people. We have fun exchanging ideas, building innovations and collaborating to get work done. View Job Openings

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... My advice is, do what your parents did! Get a job, sir!

Work Perks & Benefits


We offer competitive compensation, 401k, stock options and tuition reimbursement.


We’ve got you covered with comprehensive medical, dental and vision insurance.


On Fridays, we work from
home. Pajama dress code encouraged.


Enjoy your time off with our unlimited PTO policy.


We’ll set you up with a laptop
and any equipment you
need on the job.

Good Times

Partake in catered lunches, games and lively in-office events. Bowling, anyone?

Duda’s Commitment to Diversity

In order for a company to be at its very best, we believe it must incorporate people from various backgrounds, whether they be ethnic, religious, or connected to gender, sexual orientation and more. Every day, we seek to make Duda a more diverse company –– and we promise to keep doing better.

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