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Here you can find an exhaustive list of everything our platform can do.

  • Flexible API

    With Duda’s robust API, you can automate key workflows such as website creation, publishing websites, pulling analytics and more.

  • Local Business Schema

    Increase site discoverability with Local Business Schema, which provides search engines with reliable, structured information about a site’s business.

  • Content Injection

    Push content from outside sources, such as a CMS, Billing Tool, Directory or other data source into new website builds to automatically create websites at scale or speed up the website build process.

  • WHMCS Integration

    Duda’s WHMCS plugin connects directly to the billing, packaging and order management systems inside the WHMCS Marketplace.

  • Odin APS Package

    This Duda plugin allows Odin customers to bundle Duda along with other Odin services, and enables direct integration with website plan infrastructure.

  • Instant Websites

    Close clients faster than ever with Instant Websites as your acquisition tool. In just a few clicks, you can populate a Duda website with info collected from potential clients and publish it to the web. API access required.

  • Connected Content Library

    Connect your dataset to Duda’s Content Library via our API to optimize your workflow. Any time you update info in your source of truth, our platform will automatically push the change to any connected widget on a site.